September 24, 2011


Some time ago, before my grandma passed away, my grandparents visited the States. They told me they would treat me to lunch. I was craving burgers so I took them to the Habit.

If I had thought it through and remembered that my grandparents were Korean and they basically only eat Korean food I would have just gone to a korean restaurant.
The stares of disapproval were overpowering.

Or maybe not disapproval but they barely touched their food and just stared at me the entire time. I guess its a korean grandparent thing...?

But if it just ended there it wouldn't be so bad...It's when they turn their eyes on other people that it gets bad.
2 pairs of hawk eyes...

Judging every flaw in every everyday American citizen.

I couldn't raise my head, o man so embarrassing. There never was any attempt to hide the fact that they were staring. It was as if lasers were coming out of their eyes and everyone could actually see the red dots on the places where they felt the most self-conscious.

Then came this huge guy with tattoos and all I could think was: (a) please dont stare at him!! (b) they probably will (c) I am going to die.
It was probably something like this:
And this:

The dude noticed our table and proceded to do an unexpected flexing of the muscles.
I was not impressed, interestingly this broke down any intimidating manpoppotumusness about him and just made him look like a fool.
My grandparents were not impressed either...He had no chance.
...No chance in hell against the asian laser eyes of death.
I felt somewhat accomplished.

RIP grandma! :D


Kirun said...

haha awesome story man!

H. A. said...

LOL I can't believe that guy actually flexed! I love the drawings of yourself hahaha

Alonso Ramirez Ramos said...

i like how the straight line on your grandpa's mouth in the last panel works as a smile. beautiful story man